1. e Directors must publish a notice on the official Companions and Pets Party (henceforth referred to as The Party) website,, and may publish the same notice on the party Facebook page and private party group page, which advises members that nomination for consideration as a candidate are open.
  2. The application process will remain open for a period determined by the Directors, but the period must be for a minimum of two weeks from the date of publication of the notice on the party website.
  3. Applicants will be required to complete, in full, the application form provided with the notice (See below) and such application must be signed by the  member nominating and another member of the party as seconder. Candidates must be a member of the party to nominate.
  4. At the time of submitting their application, candidates shall be required to pay The Party the fee required by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC), for nomination to stand in the election. This fee will be held by The Party until such time as the approval process is completed. If the applicant is approved as a candidate for the election, The Party will pay the held amount to the VEC on behalf of the candidate to officially nominate the candidate. Any applicant not
    nominated with the VEC to stand on behalf of The Party will have their fee  refunded in full.
  5. The Directors may request, in writing, an interview with any applicant, and the applicant shall be required to make themselves available for such interview, or their application will lapse. (Email notice is considered adequate written notice).
  6. The Directors, in their sole discretion, shall be responsible for selecting the candidates to represent the party for either house of Parliament from those candidates nominating for consideration. The Directors may reject any  nomination in their absolute discretion
  7. Candidates selected to stand for election must provide a police check within 2 weeks on being advised their application has been approved but must be provided prior to the candidate being officially nominated by the party.
  8. Candidates selected and officially nominated to stand for election are required to actively campaign for the electorate in which they are standing and may use the party logos and other party owned literature for the duration of the campaign.
  9. Candidates will be required to attend a polling booth (within the electorate they are standing for) on the day of the election but are encouraged to attend more than one booth if that is practical.
  10. Candidates making press releases during the campaign, must gain approval from the party for that press release prior to its release. If approval is not granted to release such press release then the candidate must not distribute such press release.