John Hutchison

John Hutchison


John has been involved with dogs all his life. Together with his wife, Wendy, they are  passionate breeders of Bichon Frise,  a breed they have owned, bred and shown for 44 years.

John has written two books on the Bichon Frise, lectured around the world on his breed, and has judged his breed around the world. John is a licensed Judge for both the Toy and Hound Groups.

John currently teaches Toy Dogs to Trainee Judges for Dogs Victoria, having held the position of Toy Group Leader in the Conformation Judges Training Scheme for over 10 years.

John also has been involved in Greyhound racing for most of his life, having trained, bred and owned greyhounds, and is still a registered Trainer with Greyhound Racing Victoria.

John has also had previous experience as an owner of Throroughbred racehorses and owner and breeder of Harness Horses.

John is an experienced Business Leader, having been Managing Director of a Pet Food Company for over 10 years, Finance Manager for one of Australia’s biggest Law Firms, and has held many Senior Finance positions in major corporations.

John has been a member of the Greyhound Racing Appeals and Discipline Board, a position appointed by the Justice Department of Victoria.

John is currently Chair of Finance for Dogs Victoria, A Director with Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association, Chair of the Finance Committee for MGRA, Administrator for Healesville Greyhound Racing Association, Treasurer of Ladies Kennel Association, a committee member of the Toy Dog Club of Victoria, Vice-President of the Bichon Frise Club of Victoria and a committee member of Garden State Kennel Club.

John brings a wealth of experience to CAP as an Administrator, Finance Executive, and committee person and has a dedication to Not For Profit organisations.

John says “I am acutely aware of the threat to our continued ownership and enjoyment of our companion animals by those so called “animal rights advocates”.  I have spent a lifetime caring for animals, sharing my life with them, seeing the enjoyment they bring to the new owners who are fortunate enough to welcome a new puppy into their homes, and experiencing the wonderful joy of welcoming a new life into this world.

I cannot imagine a world without companion animals, a world where our children and their children do not experience the joys of sharing their life with a companion, to learn all the responsibilities they teach, and experience the joy that they bring.

Yet, these anti’s do not want you to own a pet.  How sad is that.”

I will work to ensure that CAP gains representation in Parliament to enable legislation to ensure your freedoms and your rights to continue owning a companion animal and to continue to enjoy your chosen activity with that companion.

CAP will do this with the over-riding principle that animal welfare will always be foremost in our minds.”

Robert Britton

Robert Britton


Robert has had a lifetime of involvement with animals. From helping his father on his Clydesdale horse drawn milk cart, to racing, breeding and educating racing greyhounds both in Australia and the USA.

Robert is an experienced business administrator having worked in the Government Printing Office, National Administration Manager and Business Logistic Analyst for major companies, prior to running his own business as a Professional Greyhound Trainer, which he has done for the last 26 years.

He has been a valuable member of the GOTBA for over 10 years, where he has helped to improve outcomes for its members.

Robert is a very articulate person, having been the Keynote Speaker at Greyhound Industry conferences in most States of Australia and New Zealand over a long period.

Having seen first-hand the erosion of animal owners rights over the past twenty years in the USA, this has become the driving force behind his involvement in CAP.

“The scary part is that the tactics used by these extremist animal activists in the USA, (which is the catalyst for legislation against animal owners), is copied by the anti’s here in Australia in a very short time.”

“So in reality, we all should know what is coming and clearly, should be ready to defend our position”.

Robert has developed close contacts with like-minded organisations in the USA, and his experience in this area, coupled with his passion for animals will be a great asset for CAP to draw on.

Craig Reid

Craig Reid

Board Member

Pets have been an integral part of Craig’s life. The family photo albums contain numerous photographs of Craig with his pets. Whether it is him, at the age of 3, in Lady’s kennel, his first English Cocker Spaniel, or the family budgie, Tinker sitting on his shoulder, watching TV. Craig has experienced the benefits of pet ownership both on an individual’s wellbeing and as a way to actively participate and connect with your local community.

These benefits have been further highlighted over the past 2 years with animals playing a significant part in people’s wellbeing and ability to manage social isolation and extended lockdown periods.

Although animals have played a significant part in Craig’s life, he didn’t enter Conformation Dog Showing until later in life and has been showing for the past 2 decades.
He is a licenced Terrier and Hound judge and is continuing his education in this field as a trainee judge for the Toys and Gun Dogs groups.

Craig served on the Dogs Qld Board as a founding member as it transitioned from being under the auspices of the Royal Agricultural Society QLD to becoming its own self-determining entity.
Craig is an active member of local kennel clubs and has held leadership positions in other kennel clubs both in Queensland and Victoria.

He was the chief dog steward for the Noosa Agricultural Society.

Craig has volunteered for the local LGBTQIA+ community, helping young people connect to and participate in their community and he was a member of the steering committee for the Macedon Ranges inaugural Puppy Pride event in April 2022.

Craig used his skills and connections to bring the world of Dog Sports to the general public and to highlight how people and animals can participate in developing healthy lifestyles through pet ownership.

With a strong passion for social justice and wellbeing in schools, Craig’s teaching and school leadership career spanned more than 25 years, developing a deep understanding of the relationship between quality education and positive life outcomes.

For the last decade, he has working in the Not-for-Profit sector being a strong advocate for providing safe learning and teaching environments within schools with focusses on mental health and wellbeing, positive self-identity and empowerment, online safety and bully prevention.
Coming from this background, Craig fully supports the rights for individuals to make decisions that impact their lives, including the right to have animals as important members of your family. He respects and upholds the rights of animals.

Craig firmly believes there is no place in a civilised community for the mistreatment and abuse of animals and those not complying with legislation or governing body codes of practice, should be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

All people should have the right to choose whether they wish to have pets or companion animals as part of their life. People should have the right to pursue sporting or other activities with their animals or just curl up with them on the lounge or play ball with them in the park.

He will stand up and protect these rights as a board member of the Companion Animal Party.
Craig lives with his partner on their property in the Macedon Ranges with their dogs, miniature horses, and small flock of sheep (AKA- very indulged lawn mowers)!